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Jesus Christ and sharing His gospel message are our main focus. With that in mind, we need to address some issues with our facility that could potentially be a stumbling block for our people and visitors before they even hear the good news of Jesus. If you've been to one of our worship services, you've probably noticed the seating makes it almost impossible to move past someone, our sound booth blocks the view from most of the balcony, and the hallway and lobby become very congested after a service. Let's fix these issues so that the only thing standing between a person and a relationship with Jesus is their own heart.

Jesus Christ and sharing His gospel message are our main focus.

What We've Done So Far

Portions of our staff and leaders have divided into committees to come up with ideas, research, and consult with professionals about different areas we want to improve. We've worked with professional contractors and designers to make sure we're planning for everything, that we'll be able to do all we want to within our budget and that everything will look nice when it's done. We also began fundraising late 2017, and have raised a large portion of the funds needed.

We've worked with professionals to make sure we're accounting for everything.

What We Plan To Improve

Worship Center

  • New Seating

  • Replace Flooring

  • Expand Stage

  • Replace Stage Lighting

  • Upgrade Sound System

Main Lobby

  • Expand Area

  • Open Up Ceiling

  • Replace Flooring

  • Additional Door To
    Worship Center

  • Improve Coffee Bar

Worship Center Improvements

Lobby Improvements