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Sundays at 9:15am

Led by Rich Arny and Dave Bradford. They meet together each Sunday for prayer and snacks and Bible study. The class is open to all ages. They are beginning the study of the book of Acts. Whether young or old, Acts begins with the ascension of Jesus Christ, the filling of the Holy Spirit, Peter's sermon at Pentecost, the beginning of persecution for believers, Peter warned, many prayers for boldness and the first church is established. Acts tells of the problems, great offerings, various leaders placed in position, the life of Stephen, and the trouble maker Saul who is chosen by the Lord and is now named Paul. Acts is active and full of great victory for the steadfast believers. Paul obeys the great commission to go and reach out to the Gentiles with his missionary journeys. The Lord still needs the "Pauls" of life today to spread the same message.

Upper Parlor