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Renovations for the Future of Our Community

So here's the (good) problem

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40 Years of Non-stop Use

While our preschool has served 40 great years of ministry, it has also gone 40 years without an update to its facility, and it’s showing it's age. The last thing we want is for this wonderful ministry to be hindered by a bad perception based on its physical appearance.

More Kids than We Can Handle

Our kids ministry is growing! We’re currently teaching approximately 35 kids about the Bible every Sunday morning. This is great, however if we grow much more, we’re going to run out of room. Our kids currently gather in the lower parlor for full group activities and worship, and it’s simply not big enough.

Wearing Out Our Gym

Our sports ministry utilizes basketball, softball, volleyball, and other sports to outreach to demographics many of our other ministries cannot. We host open gyms and tournaments, encouraging fellowship and sharing devotionals. Our sports ministry has seen many athletes come to accept Jesus as their Savior!

Let's not allow our building to stop our momentum

Design Specifically for Kids

Our goal for the renovations in the lower level is to finally create a space designed specifically for our kids and preschool ministries instead of just making due and fitting them into existing rooms.

Create a New Large Meeting Kids Space

We will be demolishing two underutilized classrooms in the lower level to create a new large group meeting location for our kids ministry capable of holding several times as many kids as our current meeting location. This will have an area with screens and a sound system for worship on Sunday mornings, as well as space for crafts, games, small groups, or whatever else our leaders need.

This area will be flexible and will hold up to 75 chairs, or could be set up with tables depending on the need of the event.

In addition to the demolition of the two classrooms, we will be removing the existing drop ceiling tiles to open up the space and make it feel less confined. We will completely renovate the area with new paint and flooring. We’re adding air conditioning and performing the necessary electrical upgrades to make that happen. We will also replace the windows and light fixtures.

Update Our Preschool Classrooms

We will renovate our preschool classrooms in the lower level with new paint, carpet and windows. We will also replace our existing underpowered window air conditioners with more powerful units that will be able to keep up in the demanding heat.

Create a More Usable Gym

We will install a new gym floor that’s more suitable for our sports ministry. We will replace our worn out protective mats along the walls and stage as well as add new protection to the support beams. We will repaint as well as upgrade to more energy efficient lighting.

We will also be installing air conditioning in the gym along with performing the necessary electrical upgrades to make this happen. Our gym becomes unusably hot on summer days, and this will make this space much more functional for our sports ministry and as our church’s fellowship hall.
We will paint the surrounding hallways and stairwells as well as install new flooring to match the rest of our building.

Make Events Accessible to All

We have been hesitant to host certain events in our gym, despite it being our largest gathering area, due to its inaccessibility. Only accessible by stairs, it can be difficult or impossible for those in wheelchairs or who have difficulty walking to attend events.
That’s why we’re excited to be installing a lift outside the gym. We will demolish half of the storage room next to the gym stairs and install the lift in its place.

Encourage Outdoor Play

Continuing our goal to make an area designed specifically for kids, we will be replacing our old playground equipment with a completely new playground.

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