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Canceled Stamps

January 4, 2020

Your cancelled stamps from holiday mail can be re-purposed for" hobby therapy." Please save them from now and throughout the year to be  sent to "Stamps for  the  Wounded."  Our wounded veterans will benefit from your thoughtfulness. You can drop off your stamps at the church office.

Coffee Donations

January 4, 2020

Please continue to bring in coffee for the Haven of Rest. Donations can be dropped off in the office.


Your support allows us to operate and serve our community all with the goal of glorifying Jesus and making Him known. A portion of all general fund donations goes directly to the missionaries we support.

We at the Community Church of Portage Lakes do not want any individual to go into debt in order to give to our church. Please only give with a credit card if you are able and planning on paying the balance off each month.


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We need you! Consider giving your time and talents to serve others in our community. Let us know you're interested in serving, and we'll reach out to you to discover an area you'll enjoy volunteering in.


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